Facebook App Eyesores Makes Your Facebook Wall Posts Less Of An Eyesore

If you use Facebook to socialize with your friends, you must know that there are many applications and games, which can be added to your profile for free.  These can make your Facebook experience a whole lot better and many people are already enjoying this.  One Facebook application that will help you socialize with your friends on this website is called Eyesores and while it’s a simple application, it sure is entertaining. 

The premise of this Facebook application is as follows: sometimes it may be difficult to come up with something to say or write on your friends Facebook wall, but now with Eyesores you no longer have to worry about this.  Eyesores provides many ways for you to interact with your friends on Facebook, it offers different cartoon characters, which you can send to your friends and each one of them has its own message.  Most of the characters in this Facebook application, look like monsters, some of them are scary or ugly, while others are cute and funny.

Eyescore Facebook Wall App

With Eyesores, it's impossible to have nothing to say to your Facebook friends.  Whether it’s their birthday, you just want to say hello to them, you want to tell them you love them, miss them or even hate them Eyesores has a virtual character message for you to send them.

This Facebook wall post application is always being updated and it has recently been redesigned.  It now is easier to get around this application and it is even easier to find the perfect message for you to send to your friends.  Seasonal holidays are also a perfect occasion to send your Facebook friends some Eyesores characters, because there are always some messages created for those special days.  There are over one thousand different Eyesores for you to pick from and there are always more being added. 

Some of the Eyesores, are not only a picture with a message, some of them have virtual features, which allow them to move and sometimes even make sounds.  This certainly makes your message a whole lot better, because it’s very similar to sending an email greeting card.  Eyesores categories include dating, love, sexy, Christmas, Halloween, World Cup, birthday, celebrities, weekdays, feelings and Valentine’s Day.    With all these categories, there is surely a message that you can send to your Facebook friends in any given occasion. 

Most of the Eyesores messages are free, but there is some premium content which can be bought for just a few dollars.  Eyesores is a unique way in which to let some of your loved ones or friends know how much you care about them.  Once you have used this eye catching graphic Facebook application, you'll probably spend hours looking at the funny Eyesores characters to try and find your favorite ones, but you will have a great time while doing it.  Most of these characters will make you feel something and they will surely make your Facebook friends feel something too.  

Eyescore Icons

The Eyesores application should definitely be added to your Facebook account and you should let all your friends know about it as well. 

Check out Facebook Eyesores.

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