Secret History Geeks Will Love Facebook Game

If your idea of having some real fun online revolves around gardening and the past, "Gardens of Time" might be the perfect Facebook game for you. 

This Facebook game lets you create a beautiful virtual garden, filled with beautiful flowers and objects that you will discover along the way.  More interestingly perhaps, in this game you will also travel through time, with the help of your virtual time machine. Once you solve some of the trivia and puzzles, you will unblock some historical items, which you can collect in your garden.

Gardens Of Time Preview

Gardens of Time has clearly been designed with an eye for beauty and detail. In fact, I would describe it was one of the most beautiful Facebook games that I've played on. When you time travel in this game to play the trivia part of this game, you get to watch some great animated videos, which will explain to you about certain times of real human history.  Ancient Egypt, Rome, China and South America are only a few of the places that you will be able to visit in Gardens of Time and it certainly is a great game for anyone to learn more about ancient times. 

Facebook game, Gardens of Time also includes some puzzles and other interesting mini games, which will keep you entertained for hours.  In some levels you will need to find some items amongst many in the background.  The music which plays throughout the game is also great to listen to and certainly gives the feel of taking you back in time.  If you can add some neighbors to your garden, which basically are your Facebook friends, you will be able to visit more ancient places and you will get to find a lot more interesting objects. 

In typical RPG fashion, once you have found all the objects that need to be found in each level, you will advance to the next level and will be awarded some coins and experience points.  This will allow you to buy different artifacts and to construct several buildings in your garden.  You can decorate your garden with statues, buildings, bird baths, ponds and many other things.  As you complete each level, you will gain more experience points and coins, which will unblock some new items and opportunities.

The more scenes that you are able to unblock, the more your garden will grow and this will allow you to have a better reputation.  Some characters will also start to visit your garden as you build and place new objects in it.  This will also help you to earn some experience points and coins, which will allow you to advance in the game a lot faster.  Constructing and making your garden look nice is not simple and it does take time, but you will have so much fun doing it that you will not notice how many hours you played this Facebook game. 

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing time on Facebook, you need to try the Gardens of Time game, because it offers all this and more.  This game is meant for people of all ages and it can certainly help young and older gamers learn about many interesting ancient cultures.   

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