Hidden Chronicles Offers An Interesting and Exciting Edge Over Other Facebook Puzzle Games

Over the past few months "Hidden Chronicles" has attracted a substantial following.  This article will review the game and assess what all the fuss is about.

The premise of this game is that one must look for hidden objects, and many of which are not easy to find. Your role within the game is to discover the truth behind each of the objects and assess whether they are worthy to keep in your collection in order to make your land more attractive to your neighbors - your Facebook friends.

Hidden Chronicles Facebook Game Preview

The game begins with an unfortunate state of affairs (or fortunate, depending on your perspective!), your uncle has sadly passed away and you have inherited his manor. The objective of the game is to restore the manor to its former glory by finding the objects and items that have been hidden within the  in game environment.

As with most of these RPG (role playing games) on Facebook, there is a strong encouragement to share your  game progress with your friends.

The game progresses in levels, each time that you find all of the objects on a list you have the opportunity to progress to the next level in order to find more items that your uncle has left for you as part of his manor estate.

The developers have tried to give this game a fantasy edge by informing you that your uncle had a supernatural power - the ability to see into an object's history. To somewhat spoil the plot line of the game, your character after a few levels discovers that he also has the same ability. This progresses the game by enabling you to discover more about the objects that you are finding. The super natural element definitely makes the game more enticing.

The history of some objects are in effect clues, these clues are useful later in the game in order to solve puzzles and unlock additional objects.  In short, "Hidden Chronicles" is an exciting game to play on Facebook, the sharing element isn't as overstated as some Facebook games making it somewhat more enjoyable.

It is necessary to make your experience level high enough within this game in order to complete it, this is done by gaining points each time you find objects in a level. Fortunately, however, there is no time limit within levels to find the hidden objects. The lack of a time limit will appeal to casual games whom like to play games only in short sittings.

Cleverly, some of the objects are both clues and offer a function that enhances your characters abilities. For example, the magnifying glass can be used to find objects that are difficult to see.

The game uses several settings - a train, a manor and sometimes outdoors. Each scene seems to possess a different story.

To conclude, "Hidden Chronicles" isn't just another puzzle game, it's a pretty good role playing game with a puzzle element to it. Hidden Chronicles offers an interesting and exciting edge other over Facebook puzzle games. 

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