Create Your Own Wine With Addictive My Vineyard Facebook Game

Owning and maintaining a vineyard is the dream of many, but it is not an easy goal to accomplish.  Now, thanks to Facebook you can enjoy owning your own virtual vineyard - virtually of course, with an application called My Vineyard.  This Facebook application is considered a computer game by some, but for others it is more of a hobby and an activity they have to take care of every single day.  

My Vineyard Facebook Game

Many users find themselves becoming somewhat addicted to this game; possibly because they get to manage their own virtual vineyard and even get to produce their own virtual wine.  It's just a shame that they don't get the opportunity to sample their produce! Of questionable education value, those whom this application also get to learn about the different techniques and equipment required to produce this delicious beverage and it is even possible to learn about growing grapes and its different varieties.  How accurate this is to real life, I however, have no idea. My experience of wine growing is limited to sampling.

After you have planted and harvested your preferred grape variety, you will be able to send your harvest to the stomping platform.  In this part of the application, you will get to turn your grapes into juice, which will go into a large barrel in your farm, so that it can be fermented into wine.  You will then be able to sell or age your wine for awhile, depending on the experience your character has acquired and the opportunities in the game. 

Opportunities are also provided within this game for buying new equipment to make your wine production a lot more efficient and to get a better product.  You can upgrade your barrels from plastic to oak or even stainless steel.  The latter would probably be considered a downgrade in real life! Playing My Vineyard in Facebook will also allow you to build a home in your farm, which can be a rather entertaining aspect of this game.  Different furniture and equipment will be available as you complete each level and getting enough money to buy them takes a lot of effort.

Facebook Game Achievements My Vineyard

There are many possibilities in My Vineyard, which make it truly a fantastic Facebook application.  There are no other games that simulate a real vineyard as My Vineyard does and this is surely one of the reasons, why many people are adding to their favorites section.  Making your Facebook friends a part of your vineyard is very easy and it will help you to get more things to make your vineyard better.  You need to increase the number of neighbors your vineyard has, because it is pretty much necessary in order to complete some levels.  If you are serious about managing your own virtual vineyard, you need to get your friends to help you and even rate some of your accomplishments. 

The marketplace in this Facebook application provides you with enough items and special equipment to make what should be in theory excellent wines  and a vineyard into a paradise. 

Some pets and antique wine equipment are also available in My Vineyard and these add a degree of reality to the game. Indeed, I recall seeing lots of random antiques and pets owned by the wine growers in the south of France when I travelled there a few years ago. 

My Vineyard provide you with the opportunity, albeit virtually, to make your wine growing dream a reality. 

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