Facebook Game Pet Society Review

If you are a person who loves pets, then you will surely enjoy a Facebook game entitled "Pet Society".  In this Facebook pet game you  have the opportunity to create your own virtual pet and take care of them.  This is no ordinary pet game, since it has excellent graphics and you can take care of your pets as if they were human beings.  Well, virtually - it's a pet version of "The Sims." In Pet Society you choose between a dog or cat character which can be either female or male.  You will be able to dress them, construct their homes, buy things for them and a whole lot more. 

Pet Society - Pet Creator

Your pet will live in a virtual city, where it will have its own home and can visit its friends, go to the stores and participate in the different activities that have been established around the city.  This Facebook game has reached an extreme level of online popularity according to the rankings, and it is one of the best games that you will find online.  You will need to keep your pet clean, well fed and entertained so that it does not develop some unsatisfactory moods. 

As you advance in this Facebook game you will gain points and rewards, which will allow you to take better care of your pet and make it one of the most popular pets in the city.  Your Facebook friends will also be a very important part in Pet Society, because you need them to accomplish some of the goals in this game.  This is often one of the most frustrating or enjoyable parts in social game play - involvement of friends.

There are several icons in this game which indicates what your pet needs at any given moment.  As part of the game play, you then  find the best way to suit its needs by opening your chest and dragging the item that your pet is asking for.  Food, cleaning utensils and toys are just some of the items that you can collect in your chest along the game and these will all change your pet’s mood.

Once you have your pet ready, you can then take it out into the city and either take it to visit your friends’ pets or find new activities for your pet.  You can visit the clothing store to get more clothes for your pet or you can take it to the furniture store to find some more things for your pet’s home. There are also some entertainment stores for your pet, where you can find some balls, radios, television sets and even stereo systems so that they can have a good time.

While wandering around the city, you can also find the races, fishing, gardening and other activities, which your pet can also get involved in.  This will not only keep it entertained and happy, but it will also help you to complete certain goals and to have a higher level faster.  The main goal of this game is to keep your pet completely satisfied and to reach a high level.  If you really want to make your pet popular, you need to share all your pet’s activities with your Facebook friends, which are easily done with the features that this game provides. 

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