Facebook Fishing Game For The Fair-weather Fisherman

Fair weather fisherman may enjoy the Facebook game "Tight Lines Fishing." Whilst there is nothing quite so relaxing as sitting in a comfortable chair, relaxing looking over the beautiful lake scenery with a fishing rod, if it's raining and cold your Sunday afternoon could be much less enjoyable than you had intended.

Tight Lines Fishing

Although the artwork often resembles a comic story book, the  game has definitely been developed with fisherman in mind.

Recycling the plot from "Hidden Chronicles" - the story begins with the premise that your uncle has passed away and you have been left land in his will. The story is told through a man whom knew your uncle and is your guide to help you get started in this virtual fishing game. Your objective is to become a master fisherman just like your uncle used to be.

The in game tutorial walks you through how to share your achievements, and through the different types of fish and animals that exist within the water that your fishing. Whilst the graphics can be likened in style to that of a comic book, the art work is generally of a high standard.

 “Tight Lines Fishing” is a game that you will need to play many times in order to complete each quest and make it to the top levels.  In order to increase your experience points, you need to catch some fish or complete some other quests.  If you do not gain any experience points, you will never reach a higher level and you will never get more things into the land that your uncle inherited you.  As you advance in the game, you will get to fish with lures and live bait, which will attract different kinds of fish and will give you different amounts of experience points. 

Tight Lines Fishing In Game Action

There is a virtual shop available in this game, where you will be able to get some special items to help you get bigger fish and even buildings to make your land look better.  There are also items that you need to buy like food, to keep your character happy and able to fish longer.  Rods and other equipments are also sold at the virtual shop, so that you have more opportunities of becoming the legendary fisherman that you have always wanted to be. 

Equipping your character, with the things it will need to catch the fish in each quest is very important and the tutorial will teach you how to do this.  The more coins that you are able to get, the easier that it will become for you to buy things at the shop and this will allow you to get more experience points faster.  If you want to show your Facebook friends that you are a good fisherman, you can play this game and catch some of the rarest fish in the world.  Even if these are not real, you will surely have a great time making your virtual piece of land a lot better and catching some of the fish in the lake near your home.  Any person, who enjoys the sport of fishing, will surely enjoy “Tight Lines Fishing”, so it is a good idea to try it, at least once. 

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