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Ten things they don’t tell you about Facebook Messenger for Windows

Habitually, we as users tend to seek out the official application for what we want first. This article will argue that in the case of Facebook Messenger for Windows computers this may not always be the best course of action.

Facebook Messenger for Windows is the official application for Facebook Messaging on your Windows computer, but it isn’t the only Windows desktop messaging option and Facebook Messenger has a number of deficiencies.

In short, there are many problems with Facebook Messenger that you should consider prior to making it your go to Windows chatting app.

Disclaimer: Now, I must admit whilst I have a vast knowledge in this area, I am also somewhat biased – for over five years I have operated a hugely popular Facebook Messenger app called Chit Chat.

Let’s look at the problems that the Facebook Messenger for Windows has:

Facebook Messenger isn’t really a Windows app

Over the past few years, Facebook has been pushing hard its XMPP protocol for accessing Facebook chat, in laymen’s terms the techy connectivity Facebook team have provided a robust way in which to ensure that a Windows or other Messenger application type (e.g. blackberry, iPad app) is a real application and isn’t just unreliably stripping out the HTML code.

Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger isn’t a real application; it’s more like a browser. Facebook’s Messenger application doesn’t use Windows app principles, and is instead effectively a browser restricted to Facebook chatting.

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Windows XP and Windows 8.1 are not supported by Facebook Messenger for Windows

By programming Facebook Messenger in Microsoft’s Windows .Net language, Facebook have found their app is restricted in which versions of Windows their application supports.

Facebook Messenger may be the Official Windows app but there are alternatives

Facebook Messenger isn’t the only application that you can use to access Facebook chat on a Windows computer. The application Chit Chat for Facebook is a good, mature application for Windows that doesn’t have many of the official Messenger apps short comings.

Facebook Messenger Can’t Sort Contacts By Online/Offline

Personally, when I access an instant messenger I expect to be able to filter by those friends that are online, and those friends that are offline. Facebook Messenger doesn’t allow me to do this.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Contacts List

Doesn’t Support All Of the Facebook Messenger Faces

In order to filter out conversational ambiguity emoticons aka Faces are very important. Facebook Messenger does support a limited number of Facebook faces but not all of them.

Facebook Messenger Faces On IM

Also Includes Facebook Feeds

Rightly or wrongly, Facebook Messenger also includes Facebook feeds.

Personally, I find feeds to be rather distracting and detracting from interacting with my friends on Facebook chat. I prefer to use a Messenger application that I can sit in the background of Windows and continue to be productive whilst not getting distracted by pictures of parties or new born babies.

Facebook Messenger Is Really Just a Browser

This isn’t very helpful if you are visually disabled and depend on a reader application for your use of Facebook Messenger.

 You Can’t Pin Facebook Messenger on Top

Most people that use a Messenger application on their desktop leave it signed in on the background whilst they engage themselves in other, perhaps more productive activity. The use of Facebook Messenger is likely to be no exception; unfortunately, there is no way in which to keep the Facebook Messenger conversational window on top when it’s important to you.

Facebook Messenger Won’t Be Ad Free Forever

Whilst Facebook Messenger is ad free for now, Facebook Messenger is unlikely to be ad free forever. You may have noticed that Facebook mobile applications have adverts increasingly being delivered to them, the Facebook mobile application started off being ad free whilst Facebook attracted a significant volume of users and Facebook Messenger is likely to be no different.

You Can’t Stop Facebook Messenger Always Loading With Windows

As an application, Facebook Messenger isn’t designed to be customized – it’s designed to be used with the default options. As such, you need to be a technical wiz to know how to override it’s starting with Windows, applying shortcuts and getting it to not sign in by default into your Facebook account.

Perhaps you'd like to check out a Facebook Messenger for Windows alternative.

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