Liven Up Your Facebook Photo Albums With Facebook App Photo Mania

Editing photos and improving them is something that can now easily be done on your computer without a software application, with the help of a Facebook application called Photo Mania.  This Facebook photo editing app has many uses and it will certainly make many of your photos a lot nicer.  Your digital photos can also be transformed into some truly magnificent images, by using some of the styles that have been pre determined in this application.

Photo Mania Preview

Facebook can now be used for many things that you wouldn't expect, and thanks to Facebook photo app Photo mania editing your photos with the Photo Mania application is only one of these things.  This Facebook photo app is split into ones - the sketch zone, the painting zone, the fun zone, the vintage zone, the cool zone, the pop art zone, the love zone and the artistic zone, for you to choose from in order to edit your photos.  Each of these zones has different types of photo styles, which will make your images truly unique. 

Photo Before Using PhotoMania

Original Photo - Zante

Photo After Using PhotoMania

Photo Mania Edit Of Zante Facebook Picture

Reviewing PhotoMania's Zones

In the sketch zone for example, you will be able to turn your digital photos uploaded onto Facebook into black and white sketches that look like they were drawn by a professional.  In the painting zone you will be able to convert your digital photos into some original paintings.  These truly resemble those painting drawn by hand and it is an excellent way in which to present your photos.  The fun zone offers some rather funky styles, which will turn your photos into something that you will love if you are that way inclined.  The vintage zone enables you to make your Facebook photos look like photos from times gone by. Photos edited on Facebook with vintage mode will certainly capture the eye of your Facebook friends.

The cool zone has some very original effects and styles.  In the pop art culture your photos can be changed into some fantastic pictures by adding some backgrounds and colors.  The love zone will turn your pictures with your partner into amazing portraits, which you can then show off to all of your friends.  The artistic zone will give you the option to make your Facebook photos into a work of art and this is something that many people have chosen for some of their digital photos. 

The Photo Mania application in Facebook has achieved a lot of fans, interest and popularity.  There are a lot of people who love to make their photos more original and if you are one of them, this application is definitely for you. 

However, during my experience with the application I found that at times the service was very slow, buggy or just didn't work at all. Whilst the idea of this application and what it tries to do is  fantastic there is clearly room for improvement on the back end. There seems to be backend processing problem .

Converting your photos into fantastic works of art is very simple and it can be done with a few clicks of your computer’s mouse.  Once you have selected the picture from your Facebook photo albums, you only need to choose a style and the application will transform your picture in a couple of seconds.  You can then easily share it with your Facebook friends and save it to your albums or computer.  There is no reason why you should not turn your digital photos into something truly unique and this is why you should start using this Facebook application.  It is free, it takes only seconds to use and it is rather impressive.

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