10 Of The Worst - Or Best Facebook Frapes

The term "Frape" or "Fraping"  is slang to describe the act of using someone's Facebook account without their consent and publishing comments or content that they would find disagreeable. 

I was sitting down today in a buzzing cafe on a rare day off work, I was reading a UK national newspaper which had an article on Facebook Frapes. So, it got me thinking - what were the best, most shocking and funniest Facebook Frapes that I could think of. In short, think of the horror you could cause!

10 Best Facebook Frapes - Or Rather The Worst Frapes I Could Think Of!

  • Facebook Status Frapes - "My boss is a ****"
  • Facebook Status Frape - "In case you haven't heard, I came out last week. I'm gay."
  • Facebook Profile Frape - Split up with their girlfriend/boyfriend and change their relationship status to single. 
  • Password Frape - Change your Facebook Frape victims password temporarily.
  • Facebook Group Frape - Join groups that your  Facebook Frape victim will hate e.g. "I love Justin Bieber" groups or if they are vegetarian "I Love Bacon."
  • Facebook Messages Frape - Have a chat with one of their female/male friends and ask them out. 
  • Facebook Friends Frape- Add lots of random friends or - better still, delete a few random friends.
  • Facebook Phone Frape - Change their phone number to someone else's.
  • Facebook Chat Frape - Make your Facebook Frape victim unable to chat to any - or some groups of friends. This one is particularly frustrating since the functionality to turn this off is really hard to find. (Click on the gear > go to "Limit Availability" and make your frape victim unavailable to all their friends.)
  • Facebook Comment Frape - Write really awkward comments on their friends status. Perhaps you could infer an affair or hidden agenda. 

Remember that whilst you may think that it's "just for the banter" there may be serious consequences for the individual concerned! So you'll probably need to use your discretion as to how you Facebook Frape - after all, you don't want to get your mate fired from their job or kicked out of school do you?!Well, don't say I didn't warn you about Facebook frapes.

The legal bit - the above post is Facebook frape suggestions are made by the author of the post for entertainment purposes only, Athena IT Limited shall not  be held responsible for any repercussions resulting from the use of these Frapes. Remember, hacking - or using people's accounts without permission is illegal in most countries in whatever form.  

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