Why Is My Facebook Chat Disconnected?

Using Facebook Chat on Facebook.com

There are may reasons as to why Facebook chat has become "disconnected" on Facebook from within your browser:

  • You are no longer connected to the internet (solution: reconnect to the internet and refresh)
  • You have been logged in for a long duration - after a duration of time (hours) Facebook chat stops responding properly and assumes you are inactive (solution: refresh your browser page)
  • You have accidentally disabled Facebook chat from your browser. When logged in on Facebook.com, in the bottom right hand corner of your browser click on the "gear" and select "Go Online"
  • You have accidentally blocked all of your friends. Click on the gear in the bottom right hand corner of your browser when you have logged into Facebook, and select "Advanced Options" and ensure that you haven't blocked all of your friends from chatting with you. 

Using Facebook Chat on Chit Chat

  • After a period of time, Chit Chat will disconnect from Facebook chat. Simply re-login.
  • If you have problems logging in with Chit Chat, read this article on Facebook Login failure

Using Facebook Chat Through Mobile/Third Party Application

  • Check through the list of possible issues that affect ones use of Facebook chat within your browser as they will affect third party Facebook chat and mobile clients.
  • Third party Facebook mobile applications and many Facebook chat applications require you to have a Facebook username setup and require you to allow third party devise access

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