Chit Chat Username Problem

I'm having problems with my username when I try to sign in on Chit Chat for Facebook. How do I fix this?

Whilst on signing into Chit Chat for Facebook we ask you to use your Facebook enabled email address along with your Facebook password, we actually have to connect to the Facebook chat servers with your Facebook username (also known as your vanity URL).

Facebook usernames were launched by Facebook in June 2009 and whilst everyone that uses Facebook has a Facebook enabled email address and password associated with their Facebook account not everyone has a Facebook username.

If you've been directed to this page/section of our help guide by our software application "Chit Chat for Facebook" then you'll need to setup a Facebook username before you are able to use Chit Chat for Facebook. Don't worry, it's simple.

Follow these steps in order to create a Facebook username:

1 - Load your browser (i.e. Firefox/Internet Explorer/Chrome) and then visit
2 - Login to Facebook using your email and password
3 - Click on "Account" and then select "Account Settings"

 Chit Chat Username Problem

4 - Identify the setting "Username" - this should be the second one down and select "Change" - you'll then be able to choose a unique username.

Chit Chat Username Problem

Once you have created a username you'll be able to login to Chit Chat for Facebook using your email (note - email!) and password.

How Is Your Username Used? Your Facebook username is to create a vanity url e.g. and it's used to login to the Facebook chat servers. 

We login with your email address, lookup your Facebook username and then connect to the Facebook chat servers.

Added 17 Aug 2011

Language Problem

Chit Chat doesn’t display a language correctly, how can I fix it?

Once you have changed your language preferences, you’ll need to sign out then sign back into Chit Chat for Facebook. In the event that you see strange characters such as squares instead of your chosen language you’ll need to install fonts to support your language selection. 

Added 17 Aug 2011

Translation Error

I've found a problem in a translation, I wish to report it.

Translations are created by our users, for our users. This means that translations are not always perfect, but you can improve them. If you identify a problem with the translation that you are using, please report it ( and suggest a solution, alternatively, you could create a new translation using our translation pack.

Added 17 Aug 2011

New Language

My language is not available for the Chit Chat application, can it be added?

In general*, yes – in order to translate Chit Chat simply download our translation pack and follow the instructions that they contain. Once you have completed the translation email us ( the language file which you have created as well as your name which we should give acknowledgment to. 

*Languages spoken by a very small minority will not be added, nor with partial translations or software generated translations.

Added 17 Aug 2011

Login Failed

Login Failed. Please Try Again. (Updated: 24th Nov 2011)

There are a number of reasons as to why you may be receiving a "Login Failed" message when trying to sign into Facebook chat using Chit Chat for Facebook.

Chit Chat for Facebook Login Failed

Let's work through the possible solutions through a process of elimination. 

  • (TIP) Most Likely: Your Facebook security settings are too high. You'll need to ensure that you have set on (1) disabled notifications for login from particular devises "login approvals" (2) disabled "login notifications". To check this, browse on over to and sign in to the Facebook account you wish to use with Facebook chat. 

Select "Account Settings"

Select Account Settings on Facebook

Select "Security"

Select Security on Facebook

Ensure that "Login Notifications" and "Login Approvals" are disabled - if they're not, "edit" them such that they are set on disabled.

Security Settings on Facebook for Chit Chat

Once this has been done, you should be able to sign in with Chit Chat for Facebook. 

Above is the recommended approach, however, there is an alternative solution. Which you can see below. Moreover, if problems persist in signing in to Facebook chat with Chit Chat you'll also need to follow this tutorial. 

Facebook will have created an unrecognised device notification as seen below. 

Unrecognised Device Facebook

Click it, you'll then see this screen:

Recent Review Login FacebookClick continue

Recent review country facebook

Click "This is Okay"

Add new device

Enter a device name, and press "Save" - you'll then be able to login to Facebook chat with Chit Chat. 

  • Connected To The Internet: Ensure that you are connected to the internet, you can check this by browsing with your internet browser
  • Signing In From Other Country/Region? If your signing in from a country or region that you wouldn't normally sign into Facebook from, Facebook may have temporarily restricted your account. You'll need to enable access on before trying to sign in using Chit Chat
  • Firewall Block: Ensure that Chit Chat for Facebook ("CCFacebook.exe") is not blocked by your Firewall
  • Facebook Blocked: We connect directly to the Facebook chat servers, as such, you'll need to ensure that your school, place of work, or country hasn't blocked Facebook. If it has, remember that you can use a proxy server or VPN with Chit Chat
  • Proxy Server Details Inaccurate: If you've decided to use the proxy functionality of Chit Chat for Facebook then check that your proxy information entered is accurate

In the event that you have worked through these, and you are still having problems with our Facebook Messaging tool then contact with details of the problems you are having. Please also indicate that you have run through this list.

Added 17 Aug 2011

I have problems logging in

I have a problem logging into Facebook Chat with Chit Chat for Facebook. How can I fix it?

The first thing to do is to see if there's a problem with Chit Chat.

At the top right corner of our website you can see the Service Status.
If it's offline, we're working on a solution to the problem.

Is there a recent news release? If so, read it – there will be instructions on what we are doing to fix the problem if we know about it.

If the service status is set to online, check that you are using the most recent Chit Chat for Facebook version, your firewall (if you have one) is set to allow Chit Chat to connect.

If there is still a problem, restart your computer.
If that doesn’t resolve it – contact us at

Added 17 Aug 2011

I have a suggestion

I have a suggestion that I’d like to see in the next vesrion Chit Chat for Facebook. How can I send it to you?

Email us, we read and reply to all emails. All feedback is considered.

Added 17 Aug 2011

How Do I uninstall?

How do I uninstall Chit Chat for Facebook?

Go to My Computer, then to Control Panel, and then to Add or Remove Programs – find Chit Chat for Facebook and select Remove.

Please let us know what made you want to uninstall, maybe it's something we can fix in an update, please e-mail us

Added 17 Aug 2011

I keep on getting logged out

Why does Chit Chat keep getting logged out of Facebook Chat?

There is no one size fits all answer to this problem.

Sometimes it’s a problem with Facebook’s servers. Sometimes it’s because Facebook Chat is busy. Sometimes there is an issue with Chit Chat. If it’s getting repeatedly logged out as soon as you sign in, restart your computer. If there is still a problem – ensure that the service status on is set to online, if it is and you are still having a problem contact us

If you are getting logged out every so often – chances are it’s a Facebook server issue, it happens. The same thing happens on Facebook Chat. We’re working to fix it, but it’s a problem on Facebook’s side.

Added 17 Aug 2011

No contacts online

Chit Chat for Facebook is showing no contacts online or offline – what’s wrong?

An error seems to have occurred. We’re working on a 100% fix for this, but the solution is to sign out and sign back in again.

Added 17 Aug 2011

What versions of Windows?

What Versions of Windows Does Chit Chat Support?

Windows XP, Vista, 7

Added 17 Aug 2011

Update Required?

I am unable to login to Facebook Chat with Chit Chat, and Chit Chat has informed Me That a New Version is Available.

Chit Chat for Facebook has released an important new update. In order to continue to use Chit Chat you will need to upgrade. 

Click here for the benefits of the new version of Chit Chat for Facebook.

Added 17 Aug 2011

I have an Apple/Mac

I have an Apple Mac computer – can I use Chit Chat?

At present Chit Chat for Facebook only supports Microsoft Windows.

Added 17 Aug 2011

Chit Chat for Mobile

Can I use Chit Chat for Facebook on my Mobile Phone?

Chit Chat for Facebook is currently available for Blackberry devices.

Added 17 Aug 2011

Everyone doesn't show up

Not All of My Friends Are Showing Up On Chit Chat for Facebook

We are working on a 100% fix for this, but sometimes Chit Chat doesn’t load a user’s entire contacts list. If you restart your computer, this should fix the problem.

Added 17 Aug 2011
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