Chit Chat is Back!

We are sorry we’ve let you down.

Frequent users of our desktop Facebook Messenger will have noticed that over the past couple of weeks the Chit Chat for Facebook service has had a few problems. 

You may have encountered difficulty in signing on, or encountered issues upon sign in to Facebook chat using Chit Chat. 

The reason for this downtime was a significant change in the way in which Facebook permits us to login to the Facebook chat network and as a result our instant messenger service suffered. Over the past couple of weeks our lead programmer has had to significantly recode some key aspects of Chit Chat for Facebook (*shout out – thanks for the hard work Pham*).

This recode process took some time, and is the reason for Chit Chat’s recent downtime. You’ll need to update to the latest version of Chit Chat for Facebook in order to continue to use our messenger.

You’ll find that we’ll be pushing out a few more updates in the near future as our instant messenger is still a little rough around the edges and isn’t as perfect as you will have come to expect. 

Thank you for continuing to use Chit Chat for Facebook.

Daniel Offer

Managing Director

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