Chit Chat for Facebook Downtime

Many users will have experienced problems accessing Facebook chat with Chit Chat for Facebook throughout the day today.

You may have experienced Chit Chat requesting for you to create a Facebook username when in fact you already had one. This error message is inaccurate and will prevent you from signing into Facebook chat. 

Facebook Username Error Message

This is due to an unexpected change by Facebook. We are sorry for the inconvenicence caused and you'll find Chit Chat back up and running within a couple of hours. 

What will happen next?

Over the next couple of hours we will be rolling out a forced update of Chit Chat, you will be invited to update Chit Chat and will be unable to continue to use Chit Chat without updating. Once you have updated, you will be able to continue using Chit Chat for Facebook.

Alternatively, if you keep an eye on the press section on ChitChat.IM we will announce when the update is released and you can manually update.

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