Chit Chat Is Back Online!

Users of our Facebook messaging application Chit Chat for Facebook are required to update to the new version of Chit Chat. We've introduced some important changes to our application to ensure that it works with Facebook's new processes. 

Today, you will have discovered that you were unable to login to Facebook chat using Chit Chat and you would have instead been invited to register for a new Facebook username even if you already had one.

I apologise for any inconvenience the downtime has caused and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

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  • Facebook username detection issue fixed (critical fix)  - you'll now be able to connect without a problem!
  • Fixed several critical Facebook login problems.

Newly Added:

  • Major internal HTTP handling changes - we've rebuild the "core" to stop you getting lots of error messages
  • Banner advertisement added - we've had a lot of complaints about that (surprisingly!) Anyhow, checkout our advertisers when they're of interest!

Known Issues

  • Glitch regarding the detection of your name (will be fixed soon)
  • The installer will tell you you're downgrading (we shall fix that soon) - sorry! Just ignore it for now and continue anyway. 

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