Should I Worry About my Credit Card Debt?

If you have credit card debt, then you may wonder whether it is something that you should be worrying about or whether you should be more relaxed about it. It is good to have a think about it and see whether it is a situation that you should be doing something about or whether you should not be focussing on it right now.

Do you Have Other Debt?

It is wise to start by thinking about the other debt that you have. If you have lots of different debts, then it should really be the most expensive ones that you should be concerned with to start with. Therefore, it can be wise to find out the cost of all of your loans and think about which ones you might be best off repaying first. The one that is costing you the most money is probably the best one for you to be focussing on and not worrying about any other loans you have until that one is paid off. Therefore, it may be best to just keep paying the minimum on the credit card and repaying the other loans instead. However, if you have no other debt, then it should be the card that you are considering paying off.

What Should I be Doing?

It can be wise to consider stopping using the card. If you have a lot of outstanding debt and you are not managing to repay any of it then this could be very wise. If you are repaying some of it, then perhaps using the card a little will be okay, but it is worth making sure that you are only using it when you really have to, perhaps when buying online because you want the security that it provides for you. You should also be focusing more on repaying your debts. Think about ways that you can start to do this. It might be that you can cut down spending on luxury items so that you can use some of that money to pay off some of the money that you owe. You may also be wise to start comparing the prices on the items that you buy to make sure that you are not overpaying. Then you will be able to use the extra money that you have to be able to pay more off the card. Hopefully, you will be able to pay it off pretty quickly and that will enable you to be able to then be at a point where you can decide whether you think it is a good idea to still have the card or whether you should get rid of it so you cannot get into the same situation again.

Should I be Worried?

It is best not to worry yourself with things like this. Worrying is really bad for our health and often means that we end up not doing anything. We can end up feeling overwhelmed and then just not be able to cope with doing anything. It is much better to be proactive and make plans. Think about solutions and things that you can do to improve the situation and help yourself to feel better about it. Even if you can only start repaying very small amounts, just making a bit of progress can help. So, although it is useful to realise that something needs to be done and it is good to make steps to improve your financial situation, you should not get overly stressed about it. Just come up with a plan and make small steps towards paying off the card in a manner that you can cope with and is affordable. It might take a while, but hopefully you will be able to feel a lot better knowing that you are doing something to improve your situation and that you are slowly reducing the debt on the card so that you will soon have it paid off.

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